Objectives and Principles

• Make breadsticks and bread “rosquillas” that fully satisfy our customers and where excellence in the production process prevails, maintaining the essence of the traditional in each of the varieties.

• Optimise and ensure the fulfilment of order delivery times.

• Produce under rigorous sanitary controls that ensure the high quality of finished products, its traceability and suitability for consumption.

• Design and innovate in the making of new varieties, new recipes, flavours and organic raw materials.

• Devotion and vocation for work’s excellence.

• Commitment and responsibility towards customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees.

Productive Process

We are aware of the importance that the raw materials used have, so as to achieve an excellent quality in our finished products. In the selection of both raw materials and suppliers, numerous aspects are assessed.

Our Products


Products of our traditional range have the peculiarity of being made with viena bread flour, which provides them with a tender and soft texture. They are crunchy on their first bite and then, they melt in the mouth.


Products of our gourmet range, besides being made with viena bread flour, contain extra virgin olive oil, which adds flavour and makes its texture even softer.


Our Mediterranean range is made with natural ingredients, dehydrated tomato, garlic, parsley, etc …

Free of flavour enhancers, flavourings and colourings.

Quality R&D

“Differentiation through innovation is the key.”

Making a difference is possible by doing things in a different way, making products that other companies are not able to match, while the consumer is provided with a value that he may appreciate. Making a difference means providing our product with an unique essence through an innovation process, with the consumer’s perception as basis for the progress making and new developments.

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