Breadsticks and Regañás

Breadsticks and regañás made by flour, yeast, water, salt and extra virgin olive oil stand for healthy and nutritive products rich in carbohydrates and minerals. The dehydration that they go through their making process offers a long-term period of preservation. For its consumption they provide these foodstuffs, which are a supplement for the nutritional balance of any diet, with an additional attraction. The texture and crunch of breadsticks and regañas when chewing are used to resulting in a healthy addiction about which there is still much to explore. The making of breadsticks and regañas, whose origin dates back several centuries ago, reaches its peak and expansion in the last decades of the 20th century in a very localized way in humble bakeries and artisans in the region of Ecija (northwest of the province of Seville) as a typical product of the Andalusian cuisine for accompaniment of innumerable foodstuffs and gastronomical creations.

The Beginnings

Confalon Bakery is a company founded in 1992 by The Gutierrez Rodriguez Family. The father, Juan Gutierrez Serrano, indefatigable entrepreneur and baker as profession was the basis to build a solid company that is still maintained years later as reference for quality in the making of breadsticks and regañás.

From the first facilities where a small bread bakery was located up to the current fashionable industrial facilities they have all kept their address in the town of Ecija.

Ecija’s town stands for one of the main examples of Baroque Art in the Iberian Peninsule and it currently preserves an important tradition and religious fervor that is significantly shown through Brotherhoods and religious associations that reach their magnificence in the processional outgoings of pageantries each Holy Week. This feeling, deeply established in Ecija’s society, inspired the Gutiérrez Rodríguez Family to baptize their company with such a name owing to the fervor, worship and devotion that they feel for the Brotherhood and St CONFALON’S Christ (1530).


Beginnings and Aims

¿What feature has turned CONFALON into the successful company it is nowadays?

Something simple. Since the first breadsticks and regañás that were made in their bakery it was thought about the best quality of their products, taking into account the slightest details. Selection of first quality raw materials, arranging strict procedure in their making, regular updating of facilities and materials, continuous training of the working team, the unavoidable compliance with delivery commitments and implementation of rigorous quality controls.

Development and Evolution

  • 1992. Setting-up of Panaderia Confalon, S.L. society.
  • 1992. Design and creation of traditional line of breadsticks and “regañás”.
  • 1993. Move to new 1100 m² industrial facilities.
  • 1996 Acquisition and installation of first automated line with a productive capability of 395,000 kg/month.
  • 1996 Extension and acquisition of silos.
  • 2000 Extension of stores 200m²
  • 2000 Commercial expansion. Department stores and nourishment’s suppliers.
  • 2002 Acquisition and installation of semiautomatic line with a productive capability of 213,000 kg/month.
  • 2008 Extension of facilities 600m²
  • 2012 Development and commercialization of new products. Gourmet range.
  • 2013. Quality Certification: IFS Food
  • 2013 Commercial expansion. U.S. and Europe international market.
  • 2016 Extension of stores 200 m².
  • 2016 Extension to three lines and renewal of automatic packaging
  • 2017 Development and commercialization of new products. Mediterranean range.
Currently, CONFALÓN launches more than 4 millions Kgs/year of product through suppliers, national department stores and exporting companies of the European and American market.
confalon logo
Pol. Ind. El Barrero, C/ Alfareros, 9 41400 Écija (Sevilla)
  • +34 954 832 525

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