"Differentiation through innovation is the key."

Making a difference is possible by doing things in a different way, making products that other companies are not able to match, as well as the consumer is provided with a value that he may appreciate. Making a difference means providing our product with an unique essence through an innovation process, with the consumer’s perception as basis for the progress making and new developments.


CONFALÓN conducts some research aimed to the knowledge about the market and consumer. This research allows us to identify ideas at an early stage, as well as new products that are sorted according to their acceptance’s level and gather information that helps us improve them. Once the market niche and the product’s idea are found, its next step is the development of the pilot idea.

Stages in the development of new products.

Technical Framework

Firstly, it will be set a technical framework that takes into account technological processes to be applied, definition of product's formulation, finding out packaging systems, inclusion of new flavours and ingredients, identification of treatment for its preservation and detailed review of current law.


The long useful existence of our products and the environment where the consumer requests that foodstuff is longer-lasting on better conditions, packagings' typologies allow us to guarantee its durability, quality and preservation. To Confalon the packaging itself means a decisive importance in the product's marketing.


At this stage final process and formulation’s parameters of the new product are established and thereby, we proceed with the nutritional quality's assessment of the product itself.

Trained Tasters

Sensory analysis will be carried out through trained tasting panels. In these ones analytical techniques of description and quantification of the differences between the different prototypes or samples to be tested by consumers are used. Theses tastings provide us with enough information so as to measure the acceptance level of the different prototypes and suiting them to what the consumer requests from a sensory point of view.

Formulation Essays

Firstly, we will set a technical framework that takes into account the technological processes to apply, definition of product's formulation, identifying packaging systems, inclusion of new flavours and ingredients, identification of treatment for its preservation and detailed review of current law.


An essential characteristic of our made products is based on the foodstuff’s lifespan. This value is measured and rated by paying attention to the maintenance of sensory quality characteristics, safety and microbiological stability of the new product. During the development of new products we carry out regular microbiological sensory analysis, at short, medium and long term during the whole lifespan of the foodstuff.

Market Validation

Consumers' assessment is the result of tests and research of acceptance. It consists of research on pleasure's achievement through “blind" tests about the product's sensory characteristics, its appearance, flavour, texture and scent.

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